Church Chat

I pretty much don't wear makeup any more (not that I really ever did-ahem...I never much liked the Gap either...). I pull my hair back in a pony tail most days and call that 'I did my hair today' do. I do wear clean clothes everyday...everyone is grateful for that.

But on Sundays, for church, I often wear mascara and even...*lip gloss*. Wow, huh?

I'm not sure what my point is. Help me here?

Is church still worth dressing up for? We always wear dresses and the men, white shirts and ties. My 4yrold little boy looks soo awesome in his itty bitty clip on, and the girls love when they can sort of match or coordinate with their dresses. I know with the sewing and stuff I do, it might sound crazy but the only clothes I ever make are Easter Dresses.

I actually started out this post, thinking I only put a tiny bit of makeup on for church, and was kind of thinking how there's no need to be on 'show' for Sunday, but then I got to thinking exactly the opposite. Not that outdoing the Jones or looking like you are heading for a cocktail party on the Sabbath is a good thing?

And everyone is welcome in whatever they come in of course. I'm just saying isn't it nice to have something to dress up for at least once a week? *Lipgloss* and all?


Denise said...

I rarely dress in anything other than cruddy sweats, rarely wear make-up or do my hair. but it does feel nice to do it once in awhile, for church or whatever. Im sure your kiddos are super cute dressed for church.

georgie said...

as a bean aka child i loved Sundays cuz i could wear a dress I was such a girlie girl and growing up on a farm with chickens cows and horses those dresses werent very practicle...but boy howdy did I ever LOVE Sundays!
now I am lucky if i make it out of the house with my bra on or my robe off...yiyiyi ;-)

Jenni Jiggety said...

I think your point is that God appreciates lipgloss. Yes?

I hope He does...because I wear A LOT of it.

I am often a little scandalized by how some people turn up to church looking...but I guess as long as they are there, right? Judge not, and all that...

(But seriously! Jeans I can give a PASS these days as long as they are clean and cover what they should. But pajama bottoms??? Come on, now...just stay in bed if you can't be bothered to put real pants on!)

Anonymous said...

I think a little lip gloss every now and again is good for every woman. :)

Kristina P. said...

I'm a girly girl. But, I don't HAVE to wear makeup. In fact, all I'm wearing is Chapstick today.

I do like looking especially nice at church, however.

Melissa Ann Browning said...

I think it's wonderful to have reason for lipgloss :). It may not be the right thing, but I feel much better when I'm dressed up a bit. Unfortunately that rarely happens anymore... another reason fo rme tos tart going to church!

Casey's trio said...

It is nice to have something to dress up for...amazing how great a little lipgloss and mascara will make you feel huh?

Paige said...

I think it is nice to dress up for services, but then again, I bet God does not care what we wear.

Just don't tell my grandma, she is scandalized by anything less than full on dress-up attire

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Well, you're one up on me if you wear clean clothes every day. I'm always covered in snot these days.

We didn't dress up for church growing up, but we also never wore jeans or t-shirts. Like Jenni J, I've also seen people show up in pajama bottoms. That's too much, in my opinion. Have the decency to put some real pants on! Sheesh!

Kaye Butler said...

Does anyone know what Sunday is like in a small Southern Baptist Church?

Age Groups
Hair gets done on Saturday, usually as teased as it can get.
polyester suits with huge bows at the necks.
RED Lipstick

Lots of Jewelry
Fancy Flower Dresses, u know, with the big white collars and possibly shoulder pads

Trying to be 20 and stylish and just not quite pulling it off.

30ish(ha! I'm still in this group)
Skirts, minimum makeup, some looking frazzled because kids are getting on our LAST nerve but we made it in time.

20ish and down
Stylish short dresses (still dresses none the less) and all about the straight hair and lots of makeup.

Now, that being said, the church that I am a member of now, come as you are, I wear my work clothes which as my kids point out SHOUTS funeral home, so what.

The smaller Baptist Churches around here, show up in anything that's not a dress or a will be on the prayer list next week.

I love being about to wear pants...Sunday nights, I wear jeans.

Kaye Butler said...


That last sentence

I love being able to wear pants...

Anonymous said...

Well my church is a "come-as-you-are" kinda relaxed place, so I rarely dress up for it. But today I'm putting on a pair of dress slacks and a tan dress shirt, topping that off with sport jacket. Yup. I'm doing it. Why? Because my last four months of sticking religiously to my grazing diet has lost me so many pounds I can actually BUTTON my jacket up! Woo-hoo! God is soooooo Good!

Jaysi said...

I'm a daily lip gloss and mascara kind of girl myself. I don't always shower, but I do wear deodorant :)

Our church is pretty casual, but I like to dress up sometimes. Dress up is a relative term for me these days though. It could simply mean my "good" jeans.

Deb said...

yes, i think there is something to be said for looking your "sunday best"... maybe i'll comb my hair and brush my teeth for next sunday's church chat. too late for this week!

The Daily Blonde said...

I love being dressed and ready in case Publisher's Clearing House stops by and I am on camera. However, that doesn't mean tons of make up put on like spackle or a dress. EEEK. I love lip gloss, mascara and tinted moisturizer by day. A bit more by night. Just how I roll. I spent way too many years in the world of advertising in a suit or some other dry clean only outfit. I now love my jeans...far too many pairs of them and I dry clean some of them. OK. I am a jackass. Hey, at least I admit it.

As far as church, can't tell ya. Mr. Handsome goes every Sunday and also teaches confirmation classes. He does not, however, wear lipgloss, but always looks great. If I were a church going lady, I'd want to put my best face before God and I do when I go at the holidays. Just a memory from my grandparents and parents...dressed for church. It's a unspoken respect, I think?

We've become a casual universe. I think, in my own humble opinion, that we should put our best face forward daily and our finest face should go to church, if that makes you feel good!

Mikki said...

I agree it's nice to have something to dress up for. I also agree that our Father looks upon our hearts and not our outer appearance; but, I also believe He appreciates it when we dress up for him as a symbol of our devotion to and love for Him.

Bonnie the Boss said...

If my hubby ever took me out on a date, I would have a reason to dress up besides church.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my mom made us go to church every Sunday and we had to dress up. By the time I was a hormonal pre-teen, Sunday mornings became ugly with fighting over what was appropriate to wear. I remember that more than I remember the mass. So, once I had kids, I decided that it didn't matter what we wore, as long as we are clean and actually in the church on time, with smiles on our faces. Things go much more smoothly that way.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!