No Polls For Me

In Oregon?

I voted!

  • There are no polling booths.
  • No hanging chads.
  • No cute elderly people sitting at a table helping you find your dang name in that dang book. (Oh? I’ve come to the wrong booth? GREAT!!)
  • No walking into a school/church/golf course (we once voted at a golf course in Utah, no kidding?) with your three little kids hanging on you while you try to read the impossibly small, small print about an election measure you cannot begin to decipher.

Because the writing is:

"Shall (County) voters adopt a proposed (County) charter and become a Home Rule county under (State) law? "

What? Adopt a what, to do what?
How should I know how many commissioners are needed to run a county? I just need to know whether it’s gonna be MacNCheese or Nuggets for lunch. ThankYouVeryMuch.

So? How’d you vote?
Did your vote count this year?

We manage to live in extremely hot or cold areas. Brooklyn? Dems and leaning so far to the left we barely spoke the same language.

Utah? Um yeah, the OPPOSITE. Same result.

I end up in the middle wherever I am, whatever my slant. Here in lil ole Southern Oregon? Kind of weird. Oregon as a whole? Liberal, hangs to the left. My new town? VERY conservative, as in puts Utahns to shame, righty tighty they are. Current position for me? Again. In the middle. And I almost didn’t vote at all. Neither candidate is making me very happy with the nasty rhetoric and negative marketing. One’s um..old. The other? Lately seems so slippery?

I did make my decision. Then I placed my ‘mail-in only ballot’ in the drive-up ballot box outside city hall.

  • No one even noticed that I voted.
  • No one gave me a sticker. (humph)
  • No one gave my 4yrold a lollipop.

I did my thing and drove away. Did you?


Kristina P. said...

Gotta love Utah, where my vote doesn't count. I am middle of the road, but I have to admit, I tend to lean left when I don't have a strong position, just because I get tired of how right wing this State is.

BTW, how many Blogger aliases do you have?

Anonymous said...

I do like the mailing in. That would be nice. Pennsylvania here - high profile. ;) Me and the munchkins will be going out tomorrow mid morning (hoping to miss most of the work masses and long lines). We shall see.

specialk said...

I'm with kristina p. up there. Utah where my vote counts for naught! I still do it because I believe you only have a right to complain if you put the time into it in the first place. If you do not vote, then you have no right to complain.

Straight to Your Hart said...

K...clicked 5 times (non-right button) per your instructions (on my blogs)...however leaving a comment.

Had the same experiences at church as well...Sad!!

I miss Oregon...went 3 different times to vote early...each location/time was at least a 2 hour wait...try again tomorrow with all the kids running about..not mine mind you!!

Lula! said...

I voted the week before last. I felt my sense of American pride and duty welling up inside my soul. And then I tripped on the way out of the joint and almost broke my face. Good times.

And and Jyl are BRAVE, BRAVE, BRAVE for letting politics be the topic for tomorrow's GNO. Glad I'll be driving home from Georgia--'cause I have a feeling some Twitter smackdowns are going to take place. But I hope it goes well.

CC said...

I love my mail in ballot!!!!!! But will they still give me free ice cream at B&J tomorrow????

Jori-O said...

Over from Mission hubby wants to eventually move up to Oregon...but no sticker?? no lollipop? What's up with that?

Glad to meet you! ;)

Jocasta said...

No stickers or lollipop's here! Last election I voted in a garage - sounds a bit dodgy eh! But there were no lines!

Our election is being held this Saturday - You would think the American election wouldn't be headlining our news!

Robin said...

I'm happy to be voting in a state that's a lock for... duh, duh, duh!!! Obama! Thank goodness I can sleep well over that one. I've never lived in a swing state so I have no idea what it must be like to feel uncertain. But I'm glad I don't have to worry about that for this particular election. But I WILL be biting my nails over the rest of the country.
I'll be linking up over at GNO tomorrow when my voter post is up. Happy voting everyone!

Jenni Jiggety said...

No sticker AND no lolipop. Pffft. Why even bother voting then???

Bonnie the Boss said...

No lollypop? what is the point of voting if sugar isn't involved.
Seriously, great job in doing your civic duty!

Tenakim said...

I feel like I'm the only person left that HASN'T voted and that Mo is the only state that has "old fashioned" voting on Tues- in a booth- hanging chads and all!

Ginny said...

I haven't voted yet. I have to do it the old fashion way in a booth on the actual election day :)

My girls have no school. I'm trying to talk them into NOT going. If the lines are long, I do not want to deal with that.

I've taken them before so they have experienced it. They also had mock elections in school. My 11 year olds middle school had McCain win, my 7 year old dd elem. had Obama win. The school district was 65% for Obama.

I'm in Michigan which is traditionally a Democratic state. Not sure if the Dems are just quite because all I've been seeing are McCain signs.

Johnson4 said...

I live in Kansas, and we vote tomorrow too! Although everyone I know has voted early...but they have the "kids vote" thing on election day here, and my kids are DYING to vote as well. I don't remember EVER being attuned to a presidential race the way my kids and their friend are.

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Guess how I'm gonna vote? Go ahead & try - I bet you'll never get it -- I know I'm terribly difficult to nail down on political issues... (ha ha ho ho hum ho ho ha)

Looking forwrad to voting the old-fashioned way tomorrow. Unfortunately I live in Ohio though where there is inevitable going to be a boohara and lawsuits no matter which way the wind blows.

Bummer about the town being so uber-conservative. I do understand your feelings about the middle though -- occasionally (but only occasionally) I find myself there as well...

But Not This Time! Go Obama, Go Obama, Go Obama!

Ooops. That just slipped out.

But you know, before the campaign started, I felt like McCain was an honorable man and although I wouldn't have voted for him, I felt that we could respectfully disagree and that I could certainly tolerate him as the prez (unlike W). But I just feel like this campaign has absolutely brought out the worst in him. And his credibility definitely took a HUGE blow for me when he chose Palin. Don't get me started.

But I'm ready for this to all be over too - I just hope we know the results before Friday this time around!

Jillybean said...

We once voted at a retirement home/assisted living facility.

They gave us pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

JourneytoFamily said...

I didn't get a sticker or lollipop either. Probably cause I mailed in my absentee ballot three weeks ago. I did my duty, but I'm also not excited about either candidate.

KatieZ said...

I am so dumb! I didn't even register to vote! I totally forgot! But I am not too sad about it! I am completely disappointed in both candidates. They both stink! And you're totally right about the nasty comment to and about each other! Srsly, grow up! Eh!?

KatieZ said...

BTW....We're moving! Go ahead ask me where!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

awesome - I posted about the election today as well

Jaysi said...

I mailed mine in a few weeks ago (see my post for more on that). This is a crazy election year. Can't wait to see what happens!

Sortin'ItAllOut said...

Thank-you for visiting MY blog :) Even though I was on a Mission, I'm glad I found your blog ...sorry about the lollipops. I didn't get one either, but there were 4 little old ladies teaching me how to use a computerized voting machine. Weird.

reddirtgirl said...

No sticker? No way. I love that sticker. I love it even more with the fingerprint on it. And I love the new computerized machines.

Will get back to you on the good reads thing (sometime in the next 6months or so:)

Mikki said...

Well that stinks!!! The only reason I vote is to get the positive feedback from that adorable little sticker!!!
I did vote today, yay. Did my guy win-naw. Well, I wasn't devastated anyway.
SOrry I missed gno again. We had computer problems today.

Kaye Butler said...

Drive by voting!!! We moved on up to electronic voting 2 years ago!!!!

anti-supermom said...

I loved to be able to drive up and vote, this coming from someone who waited in line nearly a hour to vote.

Kristina P. said...

Carissa, where have you been? Are you breaking up with blogging?

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!