E is for Ice Cream?? Huh?

What do you do when your kids all pull 'E's on their elementary report cards?

(What exactly does E stand for anyway? Every kid? Especially 2nd Grade? They tell you it means excellent. Oh. I see. Then what the heck does S+ mean and how exactly is that different in Geography than an E?)


What do you do when they are all 'Excellent'? (even the preschooler was marked as abilities in the early part of kindergarten..!)

You head to Cold Stone Creamery don't you!

And yes. Yummy. But.

What the heck is the deal? They honestly would not give us a cup of water... wanted to charge 50 cents. I mean do you know what a teeny tiny cup of Cold Stone costs?? And there's 5 of us people! 5 times a lot for 4 teeny tiny cups of ice cream...? Seems like it's not that big of a deal to share their free water and 0.4 cent plastic cup. Heck they could even re-wash the dang cup and re-use it ya know??

PS. anyone know what the heck 'french vanilla' means? from the short video...

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Kaye Butler said...

My kids got I's and M's until Jr. High, can't remember what the I stood for but the M was Meeting the States Standards.

No idea about the french vanilla.

Check out www.grantastonoguin.blogspot.com and please tell me why that stupid header is so freakin small. I made the header and its driving me crazy.

Joy said...

My first grader also gets E's and S's he also got straight E's on his report card a little while back. His teacher told us at the beginning of the year what the number grade was for each so basically here an E=A S=B I am not sure why they don't get regular grades since he gets regular 100's or less on his tests in math, spelling and reading.

Joy said...

Oh I forgot our all E report card cost us a Nintendo DS game well part of it anyways-yes we are not above bribery either:)

Karen said...

I totally agree with the ice cream reward. I'd work hard to get all E's if it meant some Cold Stone!

tidymom said...

I'm pretty sure E=Excell, S=Satisfactory

French Vanilla = Heck if I know! LOL

but that ice cream is lookin' might good!!


tidymom said...

ok, because I'm kinda of anal like that.....I had to go look it up LOL

Traditional vanilla flavor is derived from the seeds of a vanilla bean pod, or at least a synthetic chemical equivalent called vanillin. French vanilla is more of an egg custard before freezing, and contains egg yolks for a richer consistency.

French vanilla ice cream is made with the same form of vanilla, but with a different base containing egg yolk.

So there - now we know! LOL


CarolinaDreamz said...

LOL about your definitions of French Vanilla. That's good. I needed a giggle.

I'm all for bribery. I paid, a six year old, a dollar to perform at a backyard Bonfire, recently. It worked.

Inflation turned our yesterday's quarters into dollars. (So, they can buy water, at CS, eh?)

When I worked in that type of establishment, we did inventory by the cups used. Really. We never had waste. LOL

I'll never understand the grading system. It doesn't have to be so difficult.

Oh, I'm Heidi, and I got here via a tweet.


Tammy and Parker said...

E means they have totally mastered the material. S+ Means they have mastered it to a satisfactory level, but not total mastery.

If you want true specifics, I can ask my DH. He's an elementary Principal. :D

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Congrats congrats on the super good grades! Cute & smart kiddos!

But at first I thought they had failed everything! How could this be true, I thought, coming from such a smart momma & papa?!? Because here at OSU, E=fail.Why is it so cmplicated now? Whatever happenned to A, B, C, D, & F? And Kaye Butler said (in your comment section) that in addition to E & S, there's also I's and M's???? What was wrong with the old (aka. easy to understand) system?

If I get an A next quarter (aka 'E') and I graduate - will you come & take me out for ice cream? I'm struggling with motivation & that would be motivating :)

Becky said...

The new grading system drives my husband crazy. Heaven forbid we have kids that feel bad because they are getting a C or feel like they need to compete with their peers, instead of just striving to do their best. Dang world of political correctness. But congrats to your Excellent children.

The Daily Blonde said...

hey I just lost 9 lbs in a week with salmonella poisoning...now I want to gain in all back with ice cream....

My youngest (2nd grade) still has the 1-5 numbering system until 3rd grade when it's A's and B's.

~Sandy~ said...

never heard of the E grading system....but we have not hit the letter grades in our house yet. my son just gets stickers for preschool :O) stopping in from Ann's to wish you and wonderful weekend and a HAPPY VGNO!!!

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Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

French Vanilla = D E L I C I O U S in my book.

Happy VGNO!

Congrats on the smart cookie you have living with you.

Jaime said...

the only E grading system i know of is when schools think that an "F" has too much of a negative connotation - so they give Es instead.

have a great weekend and happy VGNO

Ali said...

Happy VGNO! Have a wonderful weekend =)

pam said...

Stopping by from the VGNO. Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with spring sunshine.

Lizzie said...

love cold stone....and yes, they're crazy pricey!!!

congrats on the kids getting E's :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

What is it with the grading system? Princess Nagger is in Kindergarten - they do a number grading, 1-4 (4 being best). So she got straight 4's on today's report card from this past quarter...sounds so much cooler to say 'Straight A's'... :)

Stopping by from Ann's - Happy VGNO!! :)

Oh, and French Vanilla is made from an egg custard base which is richer...and oops, I see tidymom already covered that! LOL!

Native American Momma said...

That is great they all got E's.

sistersledgekws said...

Happy VGNO

Cecily R said...

Our kids get percentages...it's weird and confusing. No wonder they have to have parent/teacher conferences so often. I need them to explain their report cards!

Cold Stone IS expensive. Next time you should bring in your own water bottles and share with your neighbors. :)

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