Church Chat: Easter At Our House

As a Kid...

  • I didn't know there was such a thing as Palm Thursday.
  • I was a teenager before I saw someone with ash on their forehead.
  • I had heard of lent but had no idea what it meant?
  • I did know what Good Friday was all about
    but we didn't make a very big deal of it.

Was I totally sheltered? Maybe, but believe me we celebrated Easter!
Eggs, eggs and more eggs...for sure.

Easter Sunday was where it was at in my home growing up and in my religion.

We tend to focus on the Resurrection part of the whole Easter Celebration and not so much all the death and crucifixion. Don't get me wrong, we totally understand the atonement and what Christ's sacrifice means to our salvation.

Christus, by Bertel Thorvaldsen

(Photo of Christus Statue in SLC Temple visitors center by SteveCottrell.)

We simply choose to be really grateful for His resurrection and the fact that we can live again after death as well. But quite honestly the 'big' holidays for Mormons aren't all that much bigger than regular Sunday worship. That may seem like a problem. But it's not. I'm just saying we celebrate Christ's resurrection and are in awe of His atoning sacrifice every Sunday. And while yes we acknowledge that Easter is a great time to ponder the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you don't usually see a lot of 'extra' folks showing up only on Christmas and Easter.

There was a full page ad in my local paper on Friday, inviting 'all types' to attend that church's Easter Service. And nothing against that, it's just that we try really hard to invite people to our congregation and to attend services ALL the time, you know??

In Fact. Wanna come to church this week with me? That would be awesome!

I hope this is coming across the way I mean it? And if 2x a year is the only churching a person is going to get, then by all means that's great, right!? I just hope everyone tries to have more spirituality in their lives than only on Christmas and Easter.

Happy Easter to everyone.

I believe that crazy story about a man who died on a cross
2,000 years ago and 3 days later rose from the dead.
And... after our death, even crazier?
We can live again too

Now for some Easter Pictures at our house.
Yes. The Easter Bunny knows how to find Mormons...!

Easter EggsEaster Eggs 1Easter Eggs 2

As promised... Easter Sunday New Outfits...

{yes I made the dresses.. no I did not make TK's!}

Easter Sunday New OutfitsMy New Easter Dress!

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Kristina P. said...

Very well done, Carissa. I didn't know about Good Friday or Palm Thursday, etc., growing up either, because we just don't have those holidays in the LDS religion.

And the same reason we focus so heavily on the resurrection is also the reason we don't use the symbol of the cross.

Anonymous said...

You've got the right idea, the core of the meaning of the celebration, for sure. Love the photos! Happy Easter to you too. :) I have a very very VERY, heavy and deep, deep DEEP spiritual post up at Free Spirit today!


Joy said...

My son attended church witha friend a couple Saturdays ago and he really liked it so we decided to give it a try but will go next weekend we didn't want to be those people that just show up on Easter

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Excellent message - guiding values should be carried with us every day, not just on holidays. It's nice that your church reinforces that.

And YES! I do want to come to church with you this Sunday! Can you give me google map directions to your house from Ohio? What should I wear?

Speaking of clothes - LOVE the girls' dresses - what a beautiful job you did. Very cute family photo, too.

Happy HAPPY Easter to all of you!

xxo, M

(ps- does the tooth fairy know where Mormons live, too? Hee hee, ha ha...heee...)

angie said...

The dresses are fantastic!

SweetChicken said...

Hi, I'm @EllaJo08.

I Love your little girls' dresses. They are so beautiful!

If you think about it, the Bible never tells us to celebrate Christ's birth OR his resurrection in a different manner than we do all the other blessings he has made possible for us. So I've always felt that going to church on Easter and Christmas are just part of being a follower, you know? So, yes, in our home, we have a "celebration" of sorts, in that the boys get a basket with candy and some small toys, we get together with unchurched family, and we talk to the boys about what the day means to us. But we always talk to them about what the service means, and what it means to go to church. They just don't usually have chocolate on their jeans while we talk about it! Lol...

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!