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There's been a lot of charitable online activity lately, and I'm excited to be part of all the hubbub going on right now. Today I want to share with you:

"Discover and Donate"

Simply by purchasing this new Diane Birch Album (click the widget above), you will be helping to donate $1 to Share Our Strength. A terrific organization dedicated to feeding children who might otherwise go hungry.

I totally was able to preview her album , and I've been grooving and singing along to it while I blog for a week now. (And humming it as I drive the last days of carpool!) At first I was intrigued with her voice, she sings in a breathy-bluesy way that reminds me of Nora Jones. Especially on the first track: Fire Escape. By far my favorite song on the whole album.

But then in the track titled Fools, she reminds me of the Dixie Chicks main singer Natalie Maines. No real twang in there, more that Diane's voice makes me think of her.

And if you like a little bit more upbeat.. try Valentino. I totally love the opening lyrics:

"Well I passed the wishing well ... and I threw my penny in, said a prayer on up above that you would come my way again..."
Okay... the song Rewind is totally in the running for my favorite on the album.
"I wish I could push rewind."

Don't we all feel that way sometimes? There were a few songs on the album I didn't love, a little too screechy for me and my more calm tastes. But overall, the whole album is worth purchasing via iTunes since separately all the great songs would cost more? I give it four stars out of five in fact! And I've got kind of picky music taste.
On my iPod in my favorites playlist:

Magic View
Fire Escape

On my iPod in my Excercise playlist:


Oh and a little bonus? If you missed tweeting @DianeBirch during #GNO... no problem, she's totally accessible and tweetable! Check her out!

When asked what she was doing before this album:

@CarissaRogers i used to play music in hotels and restaurants. #gno

Discover this artist and by purchasing her album donate to Share Our Strength!

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