Legoland or BUST!

Join us in Southern California.
Beaches. Legoland. Sealife Aquarium.
And family vacation memories!

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I dreamed of driving to Southern California with the whole family. This time the one place I was NOT going to miss was Legoland! Especially while my kids were still young and would enjoy the wonder and creativeness of the place. And bonus! I didn't know SeaLife operates as a sister venue INside Legoland! {I do now.}

We absolutely adored the whole trip.
Well.. minus the broken arm but I'll save that for later...

We stayed in a hotel near Legoland in Carlsbad. Making it simple and easy to get to the park right when it opened. We picked up our tickets (A BIG BIG thanks goes to Rebecca of SeaLife for providing them, and to Charity of VirtueIMC for making the connection to GoodNCrazy!) You can bring in your own lunch and cooler and that made it a lot easier for us to not worry about food. We have one diabetic in the family and 3 kids, so we really like having our own water and snacks with us.

We happily rented a double stroller even though we don't have toddler kids anymore. Everyone gets tired sometimes and now we had room to hold the cooler and the camera and the phones and... you know what I'm talking about, don't you?

I was impressed with how easy it was to rent everything and even when we left the park for a short break and siesta time(another reason to stay close by), they put our stroller on hold and made it easy to get back into the park including parking.

Some of our favorite things in Legoland were:

  • The Coast Cruise and all the mini landscapes in Miniland
  • Aquazone
  • Technic Rollercoaster
  • EVERYTHING in Pirate Shores (BRING your swimsuit!)
  • Hideaway Slides and Play House (especially my 5yrold)

From my 11yrold who was happy and amazed at the creative use of Legos and fun rides all over the park, to my 5yrold who could ride most of the rides and loved the interactive water music areas... we all had a great time.

The park was clean and had plenty of shade with large trees everywhere.

Right now they have Brick or Treat going on... talk about a blast! Dress up and go play!

goodncrazy blue dots
In the hot afternoon we opted to head inside to SeaLife Aquarium. And my kids are such troopers. The oldest got totally into the scavenger hunt trivia game. The other two were happy to run around and ooh and ahh at the fish and other fun slimy things. Tidepool starfish anyone!

About half way thru SeaLife in a Tidepool exhibit area, a Lego Castle was set up and they allowed the kids to 'help' work on it. My two youngest stayed there and 'worked' for nearly a half an hour. We had to drag them away! This was easily the most liked and remembered part of the whole park, Legoland and Sealife combined!

Dad was a trooper too!

Can't travel to San Diego and not visit the beach!

We had such fun, enjoying amazing things: the ocean, Legoland, Sealife AND then my little boy breaks his arm climbing a tree in our friend's yard... oh joy. Welcome to our GoodNCrazy vacation!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!