Social Media = Positive Customer Service

If I were a company using Twitter. I would so want you to have a happy ending.

My little boy
wants to be a transformer for Halloween. Specifically Bumblebee.
And the dad in our world is one awesome Dad with a capitol D. In the past he's dressed up as Willy Wonka while the rest of us did other Chocolate Factory Characters. He's also been the Joker, Tweedle-Dee (to my Tweedle-Dumb), Batman, and of course a Sexy Vampire. So what do you think he'll be this year....?

(In your best James Earl Jones Voice....)

Optimus Prime.
Oh yeah. You know what I'm talkin'bout.

Being the frugal mom that I am, I searched around and found an adult OP costume at the best price I could find. AND... *BONUS*! I found the costume on for $45, but there was a $10 coupon if you signed up with Total no-brainer. I've seen Bill Me Later as an option before and lately I've even seen them on twitter and participating in some blog campaigns...
I literally thought to myself, since I've seen them around on twitter I'll bet they will be able to help me if I have any questions? Plus, I counted no less than 4 different ways to contact their customer support.

From the online chat bubbles on their site to their Twitter account: @BMLDeals... and a toll free phone number on the site as well as a real mailing address... (I know.. who does that anymore?)

goodncrazy blue dots

My point: instead of assuming the worst: I believed (due to their presence in Social Media) that they would be thrilled to solve any issue or question I might have with their service.

Here's the funny part... the $10 'coupon' didn't show up on the ToysRUs bill? Huh I thought? So I sent a chat bubble directly on the BillMeLater site. They answered, oh that's a new campaign and the discount will show up on your BML bill.... oh? Okay...

One day later, the bill showed up in my inbox but the discount apparently got lost? This time I tweeted directly @BMLdeals. Get this... Heather, DMs me to say: I'm so sorry, I'm traveling but when I get back to my desk I'll get this figured out.... then proceeds to offer her direct email address... Whoa.

What?! Did she really give me her email...?

Within one week, my issue was solved and I appear to have a new BFF in Heather Fields from @BMLDeals!

bill me later twitter

I'd call that a positive experience.

companies active in social media want you to have a happy ending.

Note how clean and easy to read and use the Whole Account Interface with Bill Me Later feels.
bill me later bill savings

goodncrazy blue dots
Welcome to Halloween's Past...

I promise the Optimus Prime costume.... rocks.. I mean..

Disclosure. There isn't one. I got the same $10 discount you can get if you head to

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!