Holiday Crazy To Do List

What's on YOUR list?

I give you my Christmas get-your-Crazy-on list...
  • Mix up 4 Dozen Cookies for the Church Christmas Party
  • Bake 2 Dozen Rolls for the same
  • Bake not ONE but TWO hams for it too??
  • Figure out how the heck to make baked beans...(yes for the party)
    (How did I get roped into all that??
    Apparently I forgot how to use the word NO.)
  • Attend Foster Care Dinner
  • Same night freeze butts off at the local Snowflake Parade (don't ask)
  • ALSO Same night enjoy hot cocoa at friends who live near parade route
  • Design and Sew a Bag for my 8yrold (who has begged for one for over a year now!)
  • Make 50 deviled eggs for the 12 days of Christmas Teacher appreciation week, (I'm the Geese a layin' mom... oy)
  • Tithing Settlement: Where as a family we meet with the bishop and declare our tithing status for the year
  • Get oldest kid's Clarinet fixed for her recital..oh... in a WEEK!
goodncrazy blue dots

... and that's just THIS week.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!