Yes There IS A Santa Claus

She's 8. Gonna be 9 in 3 weeks. She's in third grade. I'm pretty sure everyone in her class is talking about it. I know her older sister has said SOMEthing....

This is the year. It's clear. She's wondering. She already knows in her heart. But she doesn't want to ASK us directly yet. She wants to keep believing. She wants to keep being a kid for a little bit longer.

This is my especially creative kid. She wrote a very long letter for the Tooth Fairy for Pete's sake. And then wrote a second one and a third. She has looked at us with an inquisitive look, one that said, I know that you know that I know that we all know... now can we leave it at that?

goodncrazy blue dots

This week.

It's been decided. The dad is taking her out to dessert after dinner Wednesday night. To have 'The Talk'. The we love you enough to share with you the whys and hows of magical Christmas Myths. To explain to her how it's not a sad thing to be let in on the fairy tale. How she still has a younger brother who will get to enjoy it all for 3 or 4 more years to come. And even better... that she will get to be a part of the magic now.

Think it will go well? It went more than well with my no-nonsense older daughter. She had already figured it out and was waiting for us to tell her. She wasn't sad or glad or anything. And she loves being part of the surprise and 'IN' on it all.

I'm worried about my more sensitive creative middle child.

Maybe we should let her be a child a little longer?
Wait for her to come to us?

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!