Photoshop Elements Trick

Goldfish ANDY Best White Elephant Gift

goodncrazy blue dots

See the lighted bubbly stuff in the fish bowl? Totally Fake.
If you take a gander at the 'Textures' on SkeletalMess' Flickr Stream, you'll see this one:

Soft-Faux-n-Grunge-Bokeh -7-18-09-TOTD # 11

Perfect. Since I have a fishy in need of 'bellished bubbles.

PhotobucketAfter I boosted the levels and color a bit in my original shot, I simply created a new layer, adding in this bad boy 'texture' over the top. Then enlarged it to size it right and move it over the bowl.
PhotobucketNext I tested a couple blending styles.
: Soft Light, but it blended in too much, went away. I wanted to still SEE the bubbles!
Second: Hard Light.. ahhh perfect..

PhotobucketI brought down the Opacity to 75%. Blending it even more, making it just subtle enough you aren't sure if they are real or not...
PhotobucketLast I used a soft eraser brush dialed down to 20% Opacity (elements has no 'flow' to adjust.. bummer) to erase everywhere the 'bubbles' layer was showing outside of the fishbowl or where they were covering the fish and greenery.


I give you Mood Lighting for our new fish: ANDY.
Quite possibly the BEST white elephant gift ever.

Giving Credit:
SkeletalMess allows use of textures for free, when you acknowledge his greatness.

All names have been changed to protect the innocent. AKA the fish.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!