Dear SassyQueen’s Dance Studio,

I’ve tried. I really, honestly have.
But you suck. (And I quote Moosh: YOU Suh-huh-uck).

You take off Valentine’s Day. And I pay you for it.
You take off Halloween. And I pay you for it.
You take off every school Holiday, add a couple additional days off for good measure, and sure, why not? I pay for those days too.

Oh, and my mostest favorite? You host a WEDDING SHOWER during SassyQueen’s ballet class. However inappropriate, (SQ didn’t even know the showeree) and I paid for that too! And that wonderful required(!) nylon square-cut baseball jacket? The one we received 6 months LATE? The one that hangs to SassyQueen’s shins? (And just could not be any uglier?) The one I requested my money back for? I paid for that (well in advance no less). I’d like to mention the cost of ugly jacket…but it brings me to tears to try to type it. There was also that extra competition, the one she was not required (who forces 7yrolds to compete I’d like to know) to participate in, the one you told us about 5 days in advance and she couldn’t attend since we were out of town with family (aren’t we so evil?). And I’m soooo excited, I just realized you charged me $35 extra last month to NOT participate.

I mean how great is it to pay and pay and pay for all these ‘extras’? Surely it will add up right? I mean we are preparing SassyQueen for a lifetime of taking it in the rear-end, right? Because as everyone knows, dancing is such a great life-long activity. At least till she’s 21? If her knees, ankles and toe knuckles don’t become prematurely arthritic.

Dropping the sarcasm. The recital is in a week. Note: that’s the first week in June? And we’ve just been notified that we WILL pay all of June’s tuition or forfeit the recital. As if anyone is still in town after school gets out, as if there will be real classes after the recital, what's left to learn?

I’ve talked with 3 other dance studios in the south end of the Salt Lake Valley. And they all agree this is ludicrous.

So my final words to South Mountain Dance Academy (please send them hate mail).

We say good-bye to you.
And so help me, if you charge my credit card one more time… I will sue you.

Mom who pays a lot, and is sick of it.

Wanna know the best part? SassyQueen doesn’t. love. dancing. It’s my fifthgrader who loves it. SQ loves gymnastics, but wanted to ‘try’ dance this year.


Kelli said...

I stand with you. If I lived anywhere near you, I would refuse to send my Scarlett to their dance studio and I would tell them why. Since I live in PA, it might not mean a whole lot. :) What a terrible experince for you!

Claremont First Ward said...

WOW. They suck hard core. A bridal shower during her dance time? I hate them too!

Threeundertwo said...

Do you have for your area? Let others know how much they suck. So sorry!

I just got the bill for the ballet school - $$$ for a half-dozen recital costumes but my kids love it and the teacher is incredible and get this- she undercharges us for the number of classes we do per week.

There are good ones out there.

Jocasta said...

There's one here that my sister went to that - won't let you sit exams unless you are good enough - but don't worry you can do private lessons. If you choose not to do the private lessons then the theater class is for you. To get a good part in the end of year recital - you guessed it - private lessons! The costumes were my favorite part - you paid for the costumes which the parents made and she kept (after you cleaned them of course!)

moosh in indy. said...

OOOH, you kick their rears. I hate dance studios that feel it their right to take every friggin cent they can.
They do Suh-huh-uck.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!