I'd like to buy the world a Coke...

But that would cost a lot of money. Instead, a tute.

This started out as a pet peeve, but then I realized it could just be that folks don’t know how to set it up?

I’m referring to email, people.

Allowing your reader peeps to see your email address directly from your blogger profile (all you non-blogspotters, if you have set up a google account to comment on blogger then I think you should be able to follow the same instructions to show your email address on your account). Mainly it will make it easy for me to respond to you. Okay, call me lazy if you want. But there have been times when I can’t find a way to contact you at all. I’ve left a comment on your blog instead but I felt kind of dumb when the comment had to do with something that was a topic on my blog! (For all you who already did/do this I give you a digital high five).

So here we go. Feel free to contact me if this isn’t clear?

Pull up your Blogger User Profile, and then click "Edit User Profile".

Third line down: Show Email Address: Make sure there is a check in the box.

Further down, under Identity: Email Address: Type in your email address.

That should do it. Now come back and comment on this post and I’ll be sure to email you directly with a response!

(Suggestion: if you don’t have a non-personal email address, now is a good time to get one. I have several accounts. My main account is for friends and family—and I've even given it out to some of YOU once you crossed over to the dark side with me. But the email address I have on my profile page is the one I consider to be my ‘commercial’ account. I check this every day (okay, all day long- and I keep the spam blocker working so it doesn’t fill up with crap, plus I check the spam regularly cuz often something gets placed in the wrong box). I use this for shopping and when I’m not sure about who might be seeing it. In my case a yahoo account, but the google email you had to create to get your blog works great too.

This should work out to be a double bonus. People can now contact you directly from your profile page as well as respond to your comments directly! I’ve talked with Michelle at Scribbit, and she said she really only responds to comments on her blog, when the person has enabled email from their user profile. (And I feel oh so blessed, she's responded to me nearly every time).

I also recommend you go over to your Blogger Dashboard (or hit Customize) and go to Settings, then Comments. Scroll down to Show Comments in Pop Up, and Click NO (this one really is a pet peeve of a preference and not necessary-- I just find it harder to comment on a form that keeps popping up (and sometimes behind) my browser window) .
It’s easier for viewers to comment when this setting is off.

This is also where you can click YES to Show Word Verification for Comment (those little funny letters you have to type in to comment on). If you’ve ever had ‘spam-bots’, then this should help out, and believe me you DON’T want them, I’ve seen porn spam with photos included! Awful. You can also choose to turn moderate on here as well, I don’t suggest it unless you have stinky commenters. So far I’ve been okay with just the word verification.

Happy commenting with show email ON! I'm ready and waiting!

And one more. I found out something new. You can too. From TipJunkie. And see? I changed mine. Now I plan to change the little blurb above my comment form...I have to figure it out first of course... Oh and can someone please walk me through how to fix my 'edit post' pencil thingy? Mine is missing. And I swear I have tried to fix it, now I want someone else to really fix it.

From yesterday:

Crater Lake, Oregon. One of the top 10 must-sees in North America.


Jocasta said...

Right I now comply! I feel fortunate to have received email's from you as this was not checked!

Do I get a prize for being closest yesterday?

Claremont First Ward said...

Like the Obsessive Observations. I did know how to do this, I just haven't thought of anything clever yet. As for your other tips. Check. I'm glad you posted this.

stefanie said...

Thanks! I got here through Angie's blog, and learned something new. I get lots of google hits (not that I mind) because one of my posts was a letter to "noreply-comment@blogger.com". I guess it's more common than I thought.

stefanie said...

I added a link to you and Angie on that post, so maybe more people will change their profiles, and "noreply-comment@blogger.com" will get even fewer emails.

Mozi Esme said...

Thank you for getting the word out!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!