Flying with Big Kids

The last time we took a trip, ON an airplane, WITH our kids….I would have titled it:

'Traveling with young kids, while mom is 8 months pregnant, on the Jet Blue-Light Special'.

Also known as Traveling with Cankles’.

But now....

My youngest is four. And he’s a boy. Which means he LOVES everything about flying. And is easily entertained. And takes a random nap here and there (God bless him). On Take-off he said, "The bumps are my favorite".

My middle child is 7. And except for the part where it took more than two hours for her left ear to pop after landing, she was thrilled to be on the first flight she can remember. She is inquisitive about the flight attendants, happy to watch the inflight ‘kid’s channel’, can color for hours on end (not in a coloring book mind you, her OWN creations), and especially enjoys the minuscule snacks and ‘free’ drink so gratuitously afforded by the airline. (read my sarcasm). She said, "If I draw a car on the road, you won't be able to see the lines and grass". (She would also be grumpy with me if she knew I posted this unfinished work).

My oldest is 10. She has her own iPod. ‘Nuff said.

(But she is also a fabulous help with the boy 4ryold when she feels like it—which is about 50% of the time, and that's 50% less time I'm forced to play Ben 10 with him on his 'Omnitrix' --Go Google that.) While we were there, she said: "When we're on vacation I don't want to go on long drives, I just want to play in the pool".

And my husband (my oldest-oldest child), just said to me, “You look hot”.

How’s that for a terrific flight plan?

Can you guess where we went?

(Angie doesn't get to play, she already knows.) And I finished Fablehaven on the trip. I think Brandon Mull's writing got much better as the book progressed. I'll read the second one for sure.


Claremont First Ward said...

Hey! Next time don't tell me if you are going to exclude me from all the fun. j/k. I'm so glad I know. And they don't. ANd I think the picture of THAT place with you guys in it is GREAT.

Melissa Ann Browning said...

I have no idea where you are - but the picture is gorgeous! I'd like to fly there... like, today! You guys look good too - handsome & happy :) Hope you had lots of fun!

Bonnie the Boss said...

glad you enjoyed the book. It looks like a great trip.Who took care of my piano while you were away?

Threeundertwo said...

I have no idea where you are, but it's gorgeous!

Jocasta said...

Right I need many guesses!


Somewhere with snow? Surely most of the US now is in summer so maybe somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere?


Jaime said...

Absolutely no idea. But I hope you're having fun!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!