Things that save my marriage, Part IV and V and...

My Luv is like a red, red rose…

The real thing that makes my marriage work?
My husband.

He makes me laugh. He gets my jokes. He has the softest lips—and no you can’t try them out. He reads newspapers—several. Everyday. Online. Paper. All of them.

Since he was a 10yrold paper boy.

He’s a walking trivial pursuit game. He Loves politics. He drinks a cup of presidential election for breakfast. And do NOT get in his way on election night.

He eats my cooking, even the weird new stuff, even the old bad stuff, all of it.

He likes my boobs just the way they are thank you very much. He rubs my feet.

When I can’t remember the name of some dumb celebrity that I swear I saw in that other movie, the one with that other gug, you know the one? The one with the eating disorder…yup, he can name him/her/it when all I can do is describe him/her/it.

He remembers numbers. Numbers from our first apartment 100 years ago, phone numbers, apt. numbers, the mailman’s license plate number…

It’s possible he loves our kids more than I do.

(And I love 'em a lot),

but I swear when he is "dipping" TK in a pretend “paint bucket”, (upside down while TK is screaming), THE ORANGE ONE DADDY!, or when he's talking quietly with my oldest before bed about her day, or when he's coloring right along side SassyQueen—

at those times you would believe that statement.

He makes the most perfect pan cookies. And he has been known to make his mother’s cinnamon rolls (from scratch people!).

He doesn’t have the time, but refuses to pay someone else to mow the grass.

He’s willing to do garage sales with me. I dare you to name a man in THAT category. (Comes from his theater background, he calls it ‘looking for props’.)

He doesn’t golf. I love him for that. He spends Saturdays with us.

Those are the things that save my marriage.


Threeundertwo said...

He goes to garage sales with you? Really? I was impressed with everything else, but that just tops it. KEEP HIM!

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

You totally got me there...mine USED to do that stuff in the so much

Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

What a sweet tribute. I love all your posts on "Things that save my marriage". I feel the same about my hubby. We must be some of the lucky few!

Bonnie the Boss said...

How sweet! You are going to make all the other wives jealous!!!
You must be pretty great to have snagged him.

Beth said...

I love these posts. Your husband sounds so wonderful, dreamy. I love my husband too, for many of the same reasons you posted.

Thanks for the reminder.

Mommy Cracked said...

He sounds like quite a guy! I've really enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, sweetie, for the kind and overly generous depiction of my good qualities. And thank you for ignoring the ones you don't like -- I'm sure your legions of readers are thankful they've been spared details of my nose-picking and impatience.

I also appreciate threeundertwo's advice to KEEP ME, bonnie's recognition that you must be something extraordinary to have been able to win me over, and beth's mention of my "dreaminess." Don't think I've ever been called McDreamy before.

Luv ya'! Now I gotta' get back to work so I can continue to exceed your expectations.

--The Hubulator

Jaime said...

It sounds like you are a great pair. Our husbands actually have a few things in common.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!