Tales from the recently Handicapped.

I asked the Dr. for a handicap sticker. Just for two weeks I promise!

Twice now, I’ve been trying to park and there were no parking spots. NONE. As in Drive over to ANOTHER parking lot and WALK back. And I actually found myself driving over to the other lot only to remember, oh yeah…I can’t WALK. So should I park in the handicapped spot and risk a gazillian dollar ticket, or what?

The second time was at the pool. Only upper lot parking available. We parked in the handicapped zone to unload. And then I went back to move the vehicle after paying for the kids (yes they made me pay even though I can’t get in the water…grr). I got in the van and was contemplating how I was going to make the trek down from the nether regions, when I saw a SPOT! An open SPOT right across from where I was! I pulled out, angled myself towards the open SPOT, and…some teeny bopper 17 year old boys in a ramshackle truck pulled in and slipped into the SPOT before I even really got backed out. I just sat there. Half angled towards the SPOT.

When they got out, I also got out (needed to show ‘em my fancy shoe) and half asked-half begged them to let me have the SPOT? I sorta assumed they were going to look at me, and go, uh…lady? Bite it, you were too slow.

But you know what? They took one look at me and nearly tripped over themselves loading back into their truck and hauled off to the upper reaches of pool parking-dom. Wow. Chivalrous 17 year olds? Who knew?

Well my sweet Dr. really did give me the sticker. But I had to ask. I keep thinking. Why didn’t he offer it in the first place? And my kids think it totally rocks. I’m just so dang grateful to be able to make the walk from the Wal-Mart parking lot without having to take pit stops.

One more thing. I’m late. For everything. Late for Sadie’s piano lesson (my 10yrold). Then late for the piano recital. Late for TK’s well check. The bathroom.

I dedicate this post to all mothers who do all this with a handicap. Mine is short term. I cannot imagine doing all this from a wheelchair, or with MS, or Lupus. Talk about heroes. This should have been my mother’s day post, eh?



Rhea said...

I'm glad you were able to get a sticker. It really makes everything so hard not being able to walk and dealing with kids. I'm so glad those teenagers were so cooperative and compassionate!!

Did your hat ever arrive?

United Studies said...

Oh yes, motherhood has give me a new appreciation for all the moms out there that are single or handicap in some way!! It is so hard, and I wonder how they do it.

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

Wow, polite teenagers. I can't imagine taking care of kids and being handicap. There are some amazing women out there. Get feeling better real soon!

Unknown said...

Poor you...although you have ensured my faith in teenagers...

Laurie said...

This so makes me want to keep avoiding this surgery!!!
I am glad you got the sticker though.

Kaye Butler said...

My brother, we call him the one-legged lineman (he's a lineman for AT&T) lost his leg in a STUPID on his part motorcycle accident. HE REFUSES A HANDICAP STICKER and parks in the handicap spot anyway. Can we all say REDNECK together? I say...USE THE STICKER, DON'T LET IT GO TO WASTE, besides, there are too many FAKE HANDICAPS out there using up good parking places. You know who I'm talking about, you've all seen them at Wal-Mart.

After this week I can say that teenagers will surprise you at any second. You cringe and get ready for the fight and bam! No fight, all sweetness.

Jenny said...

I just jumped over from The Zoo. I am so sorry for your parking issue. I have had a handicap sticker before, for a knee surgery, and we went to Barnes and Noble and guess what all the handicapped spots were taken!! Almost all by people without stickers. I was sooooooo mad...

Linda S said...

I get ankle surgery in a few weeks and I will have handicap parking or I'm not leaving his office...I love your blog! glad to meet you on PM!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!