August: The Dog Days of YOU...

You... my comment queens. My new BFFs. (And each of my 2 male amigos).
I expect you to be nice. I expect you to understand. That I can't keep up with the blog race this month. Instead, I will be using you highlighting you and your blog! While I am too busy: cleaning, packing, crying, hunting for a place to live, taking a Zantac, saying goodbye to old friends, crying some more...and then...MOVING. (Where's my tissue?) Please take a link and enjoy these upcoming blogs like I do.

I think I’ll start with MerlotMom. Because except for the wine part I think we have a lot in common. She recently got booted off Allmediocre. (So did I) She is very funny in a hilarious yet sophisticated way. (Ahem, so am I?)

Oh forget it. She’s cool, I’m not. And the real reason she is first on my Monthly Link-a-Thon? She added my Anti-MEME button to her site. So she must think like me at least a little bit?? And doesn’t that add to my coolness factor?

“All of a sudden my saga lost it's edge. Like going to an Ivy League school after graduating valedictorian only to swim in a huge sea of other valedictorians.

Joggers, business people, police took pity on us, were curious about us. One even thought we were part of a movie shoot (I said this was LA). Annoying people joined the line breaking our sense of community (however temporary). A chain smoker accosted our fragile morning senses, a man continuously cracked the silence by scolding his (not too) wayward

That little gem came from the post about her love's labors lost. Her iPhone. Everyone say: Awwww. I was all choked up until I realized she DID get the phone after all! Sorry. Spoiler alert.

Anyway. MerlotMom is on Alltop now and I can see why. She’s funny, hip and my new little friend. Here’s her Twitter handle, you should so follow her.

Today’s blog number 2 is:

All Adither

You are wishing you thought of that cool name aren’t you? Okay I am. Angie cracks me up on a daily basis. What I should really share are some funny emails she has blasted off at me recently! (I’ll spare you). Instead…this.

I mean. Someone who is brave enough to 1) take a camera into the changing room with her bad self and 2) take 14 pictures of her BUTT? You need to get to know this gal! Here’s her twitter handle as well. Off you go. Make Twitter your new late night snack.

And can you forgive me a few cheat posts this month?? Thanks. I knew you could.



Don Mills Diva said...

Both excellent recommendations - thanks!

JenniBeanV said...

Excellent recommendations! I love finding new victims to stalk...I mean Bloggers to Subscribe to!

Good luck with your Garbage Sale!

All Adither said...

Thank you so much!

I NEVER would've taken the camera in the fitting room with me bra shopping today. Never. Butt, yes. Boobs, no.


Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!