Twitter GNO: Define Feminist

Hey everyone!

Join us for Twitter GNO!

Due to fabulous response last week, and requests to try it again this week...

I present Mr. Linky for Tuesday Sept. 23rd (See times below) sure to follow everyone on the list after Mr. Linky!

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Here's my latest plan...this could change and evolve, stick with me, I'm still learning how to best go about this...

I'd like to present a couple topics for GNO? I'm sure it will end in discussions about the relative benefits of Oreos versus Red Vines...but that's the beauty of it all isn't it?

~Topic for Tuesday's GNO~

"I am a Feminist"

I know.

Shocking isn't it?

I love female authors:
Barbara Kingsolver, Ayn Rand, Margaret Atwood and Alice Walker. I've read nearly all of their books. I am addicted to strong women protagonists. I would so love to meet Dagny.

However. I don't always look like a feminist in the standard negative definition.

I quit my job as a molecular biologist (fancy name for genetic engineer), to stay home with my then 18mo old. I never looked back.

I love to bake. I love trying new recipes, the whole nine yards, I own a Kitchenaid stand mixer for crying out loud?

I knit, crochet, cross stitch, --and maybe you've seen my sewing?

But...and here's the TWITTER girls night out topic...

"What is your definition of a Feminist?"

And if that's too meaty for you..I'd also like to talk about Do you have it? Do you use it? Anyone who wants to learn how to set it up, we'll be talking about it live Tuesday Night at:

8PM Oregon/California.. (I'll be a bit late so start without me...)

9PM Utah, Idaho...

10PM Chicago/Arkansas..

11PM East Coasters...

And don't forget to 'Follow' all of the twitter Divas from last week...

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Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Yeah! I am first to RSVP to GNO. I am starting to feel like I am in the military with all these acronymns LOL.

So... my twitter URL is How do I put that in Mr. Linky? It automatically linked to my blog. I have a 'follow me' link there, so it should be cool, but if I want to include it in the Mr. Linky list, please to explain how!

This is going to be sooooo much fun. Was going to go out and buy a new party dress, but rethought it and decided on new pjs instead :).

I posted a sticky note on my blog for a double announcement. Go check it out :).

Unknown said...

Thanks to Jyl...I am here to comment and I would LOVE to b a part of GNO on twitter BUT I see Tuesday night lights in my future meaning one of my beans has a football game...believe me I am struggling with this...b/c I am certain there is a new premier on that i could watch and twitter at the same time....BUT....I am a supportive mom and when i had babies i made a pact that i would attened every friggin thing they signed up for...for give me please hope you all have fun....sorry for the blog-vella

Anonymous said...

Um yeah... I realized the mistake after I posted it. Natch. Blame it on that scary auto-fill program that put in the last address I used for Mr. Linky. Blech. Anyway! I will be joining everyone for Twitter GNO. See ya then.

Straight to Your Hart said...

GNO (awfully close to GYN..but so much more FUN)! Just like jyl@mommygossip...however I do not have a linky to twitter..I know be difficult that's me..hope all is well and any topic is good for me!

Claremont First Ward said...

I'm gonna be there this week. No excuses. Even though I'm moving in 2 weeks! :)

Anonymous said...

I added both, because I'm a rebel...


Glad I have something to blog about tomorrow. :-)

Melissa Ann Browning said...

Ahhh... All this fun stuff for the twitterers... What about us none-twitterers? Isn't this discriminatory? And I'd have such fabulous things to say - love the topic of the day, of course. The wonderful thing about the word 'feminism' is that it can mean so many different things. You've always been a feminist in my book - and any other books that matter! The word has just been co-opted to mean something bad - like 'liberal' or 'media' or 'short' ... (ooops- how'd that last one sneak in there?). See? But that's all the cool contributions you'll get from me,

sulking in the non-twittering world, Melissa

Mikki said...

I hope to be there, uh here? You know what I mean. :o)

Anonymous said...

My twitter name is This is going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

My twitter name is This is going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

I too am a rebel and left both! Sounds fun!

Brenda Jean Hyde said...

Since it's 11 pm my time I'm going to try to be there. Everyone should be in bed, and I can actually do something for myself. LOL
My twitter name is moonsanity and I added my blog to Mr. Linky:)

Anonymous said...

Are y'all gonna tag your tweets? If you add #gno to the end of each tweet, then it makes it easier to follow the conversation. You can even use some twitter apps to filter so that ONLY tweets with #gno in them show up.

Crystal said...

This is my first GNO Twitter... Should fun!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

What a fun idea! I was born to have "followers"! I can be a good follower, too!

See you there! Great blog, btw. Love your wit!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!