10 Tips: Making Connections At BlogWorld...

Speak in More than 140 characters! {What?}
1. Don't be afraid to give your card to the Hilton Rep.
At the opening Tweet-up of BlogWorld, Peter Arceo (@peterarceo), {Las Vegas Hilton Executive Director of Marketing} welcomed everyone into the cocktail hour. I shook his hand and thought, hmmm I wonder if I should hand him my business card? I even tried later in the evening and totally chickened out.... Later I ran into him again, and get this... HE asked for my card! I said: "I was too scared to give it to you the first time I saw you!" (#Doofus). He was all... why?? And I couldn't answer... I figured high powered bloggers are attendance why would he care about me? Turns out... he did care. Talk about the power of social media..? Even for this mom.
2. Find and meet the owner of BlogDog.

If you haven't met Stephanie Hansen (@Sahans) of The Daily Blarg and her amazing little BlogDog? You should. I did, and I'll be forever happy about it. After you meet her, ask her to schlep you around Vegas in her Bad A$$ Truck. Poor girl can't say no (her own words).

3. Team up with an awesome sponsor like Jumpstart.com.
Not only will all the mommys love you when you hand out Jumpstart treats, you'll get to do the Poken dance too! {Ohhhh YOU Poken?? Me too! Please Poke me!!} Please contact me if you'd like an intro the Jumpstart Marketing team... they want to meet YOU!

4. Meet the gorgeous owner of Aquis Microfiber Towels and all around smart business woman:
Britta Cox. Then convince her to pal around with the rest of your mommy crowd all weekend long. Because introducing yourself is fun and all, but introducing someone who is REALLY interesting is so much better!

5. Split your time between the gigantic and fab #Blogworld and the comfy, intimate #SITScation.
Pretend you are slightly schizophrenic running back and forth and you will get to meet some of your favorite blogging/tweeting online mom peeps! Then you will still get to hear Chris Brogan speak! My favorite quote: "Give away your (blogging) secrets, because holding on to them is like hugging a kitten!" I am looking for kitten images to tweet out to him!

6. Search for 3 days to find the amazing creator of Blogworld.
Rick Calvert (@blogworld). (Pictured above) And when you do- talk Joanie(@keepingupwmom) into posing for a double kiss as thank you to him! (Then ask him for a favor.. works every time!)
7. When you meet cool PR-reps...
Introduce them to everyone around you... then sneak them into SITScation so they can meet all the moms you know.... keep repeating. (Please meet @stephanieS with Kaplow and @levitanl with Mr. Youth.)

8. Attend the closing 'pool party' back at the Hilton.
Watch Whrrl.com executive John Kim(@JKimLosAngeles) give out private lessons to @extraordmommy and @DvinMsM, then when he buys drinks for everyone do the Mormon thing and ask for a D.Coke... {Geeks unite!} And hang with Uber cool E.L.F Brand rep: @TedRubin.
9. Make a long list of the cool NEW people you met.
@aquis @bgindra @SpiritJump @bigbags @peterarceo @stephanieS @Zaellen @livestrong @phatmommy @sevibabyyy @DvinMsM @DoubleAdventure @dailytemeculah @MissLori @ShaunaCausey Do YOU follow my new peeps?? You totally should.
10. Come to a final conclusion.
Classes/Speakers/Panels are useful mainly to fill in the time between all the fabulous conversations, connections and RE-connections. By far the best after party was the Hilton pool party sponsored by Collective Bias. Plenty of room (and you could hear each other)! I'm a little confused how a roomful of people are supposed to connect while LOUD music drowns out your brain?

goodncrazy blue dots
Please meet some of my Favorite People...
I'll have a million pictures on my flickr stream!!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!