Five For Fighting And Brandi Carlile

Loved This Whole Album!
Brandi Carlile: Giving Up The Ghost

This is 'Get-Stuck-In-Your-Head' music. As in catch yourself singing in the shower!
From the lyrics to the beat to..EVERYthing. Her voice is such a great story all by itself. All raspy and mysterious with feeling and angst. I added this whole album to my iPod under FAVORITES!

I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing Brandi's music? I'm not a big Grey's Anatomy fan so I didn't realize a bunch of her songs have been on it.

I read that she is a big fan of Indigo Girls, that was enough for me to give her a listen.
I find myself listening over and over to the faster paced songs: Looking Out, Dying Day and Dreams. Perfect for my exercise playlist.
But I groove on the slower ones too.. (especially Pride and Joy and I Will) they will go into my late at night blogging music!

Here are the more toe tappin' songs {I could not pick a favorite out of them}. Seriously. I am in LOVE with this music.

LOOKING OUT. The part that gets stuck in my head:
Some People get religion. Some people get the truth. I never get the truth...
I am afraid of flying blind afraid of inquiring minds afraid of being left behind...

DYING DAY. My 8yrold heard this song and now calls it "that funny song about the kisses"!
Head catching lyrics:
How I miss you and I just wanna kiss you and I'm gonna love you til my dyin' day...
How these days grow long.
I'm having a hard time deciding which song is my favorite one. This one is for sure top three.

DREAMS. This was the first song off the album to be released and I fell in love with it when I first heard it. I added it to my blog and facebook, I'm her evangelist. I want everyone to hear this song. Fave Lyrics:
How long can you hold your breath can you count to ten, can you let it pass....?
then the dreams I can feel the way I can just come clean.. I keep it to MYSELF!!
CAROLINE. Terrific beat, a love story unfolds
I'm on my way back home to you,
won't you say a prayer for me, I hope you will remember me, you're always on my mind.
And then a male voice comes in on this song... I LOVE the duet there!!
IF THERE WAS NO YOU. This one falls somewhere between the upbeat songs and the more calm ones. But it still is one of my more favorites on the album.
Nothing you could do could make me turn my back on you, when you're lookin' for a fight... I'm your man.

This is from Brandi's website/newsletter:
She writes...

"Great tour! I'm so pleased to start a new chapter and bring out Give Up The Ghost on tour for all to hear and see. We've got new covers in the fall, new arrangements, new songs, instrumentation, and lots of surprises. See you out on the road with the changing leaves."

Sheesh she even writes her newsletter in prose! I'd can't wait to hear her new covers... I'm so there.

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3 Must Have Songs!

The songs on the album Slice are um quite the varied mix...?

First the upbeat bouncy and oh-my-gosh-fabulous lyrics of "Slice", then the moody and calm "Tuesdays"? The slower songs remind me of another musical time with the strings in the background? (Like the Bosom Buddies Sitcom theme song??) And then right back to the sound I totally expect and love with Chances?? I'm not a big fan of smooth songs like 'Tuesdays', 'Hope' or 'Love Can't Change the Weather' (Sappy Title or What?) The song: "This Dance" is kind of in-between --it's bouncy AND smooth?

And I don't know how to describe 'Augie Nieto'?? Is it a song? Is it a story..? You gotta listen to it and tell me?? I liked it, don't get me wrong.. but seriously took me a couple listens to decide?

I think three of the songs are definitely worth your download...

SLICES: is absolutely my favorite song off this whole album.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their song: Superman and the first few notes of Slices reminds me of that same tone.. but the song takes off higher than superman for sure!
My fave lyrics in this song...
"Slices of life... a time before cell phones when chevies and levies were playing on the radio.
We were more than just a slice of American Pie."

AND! The whole part about blogging CRACKS me up!!

"Have you read my blog today.. your doorstep is just a click away..."
Now THAT is MY current Slice of life! I totally cracked up and rewound the song over and over to hear those first two stanzas.
BETTER than Superman. I LOVE the piano parts of Five For Fighting...

CHANCES was released a while back and I've heard it on the radio a few times. And I didn't realize it was Five For Fighting!!
Duh! Who'll be the lucky ones...? I will be! This one hit my iPod immediately.

STORY OF YOUR LIFE is the third one you shouldn't miss. I like Chances and Slices better... but this one is growing on me.

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