Kid Science Projects

My little boy LOVES the library.

Shocker huh? I'm sure a lot of little boys love the library. My girls certainly still do. But the thing is: He never leaves the little kid NON-fiction area.


goodncrazy blue dots

He calls it the 'projects' area.
And we nearly have the whole section memorized. Rocks and Mineral books are over here on the right. The planet and space books are up there on the left. The Monster Truck drawing books are down at the end. But oh my goodness the ones we MUST have, as in have checked out twice and thrice and more? They are right there in the middle. THE PROJECT BOOKS.


He is in love with anything science. He doesn't allow me to check out picture books for him anymore. Our most recent trip scored 2 Magic School Bus Videos and possibly one of the best 'project' books we have yet to find. Gizmos and Gadgets! (Translation, the projects inside are easy to do, short lived and work with literally the household items we have on hand at home...) I hate when a project includes: run to the store buy $14 of weird stuff you will never use again, go home & make a huge messy project, ending with mom turning into a monster at the end of the day.

Two of our favorite projects from this book are: Creating a sling shot airplane (above) and a Friction Robot (see the video)!

My Friend Barb showed me the wonder of Steve Spangler Science Kits... And YAY! Can you say 5yrold HEAVEN (Or Christmas presents and stocking stuffers!) I'll show some of the kits next week...

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!