It this cool or what?

An update:

(You now have to vote via the CONTACT button at the top of the Island Life much for easy, eh?)

I just got wind (NO not that kind of wind! Sheesh.)

I'll try again.

An Island Life is hosting bloggy awards.

And guess what? I just discovered that I was nominated for a blog award! I haven't been doing this very long, and I'm glad someone agrees--Most Talkative is my genre. A big thanks to my nominator(s)! (Although as pointed out, most Snarkiest might have been a better fit?) I wasn't kidding in my earlier post, either. When I was a kid, most of my report cards came home with "good student, but likes to talk a lot". Hasn't changed much.

The competition is pretty intense, but I'm down with that. I was also a former high school athlete (my Dad was my coach...can't get much more intense than that.)

Here's a couple recent examples of my talkative-ness, well maybe more than a couple...uhh...definition of talkative?

Midnight vs. 6:45(AM)
Marriage Saving Graces (and part II)
A most recent Rant
And a recipe..but it's still talkative, I promise.

If you can vote here. Just scroll down to the Most Talkative box and toggle my button, (that sounded bad didn't it?).


Yes, my name is Arizona said...


angie said...

Love the first line......and that you included you best talkative posts. Maybe I should do that too. :)

Jaime said...

You definitely like to talk. I know that even though we've never spoken. I voted for you!

Melissa said...

Congrats CONGRATS! I love that you're talkative - because so am I!! Going to vote for you right now :)

Do you know who nominated you? That was very cool of them!

Melissa said...

Okay - just voted :) And I was glancing through some of the other blogs in other categories, and you all seem equally delightfully talkative - actually, I don't understand this "most talkative" category. Isn't the point of blogs to "talk" - be chatty, etc? I think you should have been in the "best personality" category!

Cookie said...

Congrats and good luck!

Bonnie said...

Good luck. I was always in trouble in school for talking too much too. I hope you win.

Good & Crazy said...

Wow, thanks ya'll! I'll just keep on talking, with out without an award to prove it!!

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!