Have you Met these Blogs? (And my horror list.)

April Twitters here. She is a single mom, and I find that amazing. I love her 'green' posts. And I hear it on the gas prices too! And how cool is this!! She does awesome graphics for blogs and such, check out her other site here...

(This photo isn't her you'll have to read her bio to find out who it is...)

I had no idea what the deal was behind the blog name, and just today I read her about page...sorry I'm slow. So start there. And then oh my. Enjoy all the Estate Sale Friday finds. Who knew all that kitchy holiday...um...crap...could be turned into such cool things! I'm serious, hit that link and then scroll down to see all the amazing things she picks up. I can't wait to see them all reborn at Christmas time!!

Oh please, can I just pet some of these tiny reindeer? Just a little bit? And last. Oh. Could you just die and go to heaven in this place? I could. I really could. I plan to have a little room out back and call it my studio. What...? I do.

How cute is this blog title? Awww. Kristinia is one of these moms who has got it goin' ON! You know what I mean? I honestly can't keep track of all the things she has up in the air at once...From reviews to giveaways to funny stories...amazing. (and I'm not just saying that because she has my ApricotAlot shop button up on her site....) Let's see she also is mom to two kids and EXTREMELY pregnant with baby number 3, and married to a hunky Navy Man. I just read that she's dealing with Crohn's disease (while pregnant!) ugh. I love checking in with her site often to see what's going on over there! Lots of fun! PS if you dig back a few pages you can see photos of her very pregnant naked belly. I'm not linking it you have to go find it yourself.

You might have seen this lady around, she's a complete commenting dynamo. I know I've seen her profile stamp on a lot of your blogs already! Her blog title says it all. This is one serious glass half FULL type. And since I'm not...it's a nice breath of fresh air to read her blog. Kellan has 4 children the oldest two are twins and 16 yrs old and the youngest is 6. I love reading the funny stories about her escapades with teens and with the young ones... Here's the best, best one about the twins. And this one is great about the 11 year old. And this one's for youngest one. Note her style of writing on her blog...LOVE it. And her little post script 'on the upside' at the end of each post...see I told you, ...half full kinda lady. I like that. Read Thursday's post, cuz I think it's a lot like how we all feel about this weird thing we call blogging. I agree anyway.

And now.
Off to bed.
The house is 90 percent packed up. That other 10 percent? Oh it's awful. Awful as in a bad horror flick awful. All the weird little stuff that you should really just throw out (and you should see the bags and bags of CRAP I already threw out), but you keep telling yourself, I'll just have to go out and buy it when I get moved right?

I'm talking about:
  • Lip balm.
  • Tampons, (Sorry guys, they're in the cupboard).
  • Printer ink.
  • Mayonnaise. (Doesn't travel too well does it?)
  • Hubby's shaving cream (and since it's an aerosol can't be packed on the truck and will have to drive with us in the van....)
  • Tennis Racquets--where the heck do you PACK them?
  • PENS...What? Do they multiply all naughty in the back of the drawer?
  • Your mother's tomato preserves in glass jars. GLASS! Crap.
  • Photo Albums. Can't trust those to a giant truck, I don't care who the driver is.
  • And of course. The computers. When, tell me, should I begin packing them up? And NO. They will not be traveling on the truck. They will have a front seat position next to me!
  • Lastly? THE CAT! Oh my. The cat? The vet offered to sedate her. (Me too?!) And the pet store gave me some sort of herbal 'calming' drops (Can I use 'em on the kids you think?)
Sorry, I should have called August the 'Diary of a House for Sale and what the People who used to live there are going through.' (You can see my THREE junk drawers here. They are no more.)



Jocasta said...

Throw it out

Throw it all out!

You can buy more!!!!

Jenni said...

I agree with Jocasta! Chuck it allllll!

Also, your junk drawers made me laugh...and I believe I am going to have to steal "pot-licker" as my new child friendly insult to hurl while I am driving.

Jennifer said...

Carissa, here's the thing...if it doesn't have a place and gets stuck in a junk drawer then YOU DON'T NEED IT!!!

Anonymous said...

I am all for throwing stuff out. And for the most part, especially like the junk drawers, I agree with the other posts. Chuck it!

Then there are the items like printer ink. That stuff is pricy. Put it in your purse if no where else. And tampons, who wants to buy new tampons if you don't have to? You are going to be so busy when you get there and then you're going to need them and before you know it, you'll be screaming out expletives as you high tail it to the store at 3 a.m. to deal with your feminine hygiene blankety blank emergency that is unless your husband is one of those awesome dudes that can deal with the embarrassment that shames most men.

Long story short... good luck!

Anonymous said...

If I had a "Diary of a House for Sale" it wouldn't have many entries. I'd love to say that potential buyers are coming in to see it everyday, but that's not the case. It's all just very uneventful. Ok, no more pity party.

Congrats on throwing all that stuff out! I'm determined to live much more simply after this move, after realizing how much we have and don't actually need.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

OK... tried something new. I think I was looking in the wrong spot. Let's try this one on for size. Let me know . If not, I'm calling you tomorrow for sure--move or no move!

Kellan said...

How great of you to feature other blogs that you have come across/like! I truly appreciate your mentioning mine (how did you make my header tiny like that - cute!). I can't wait to visit the other great blogs you mention. Good luck with your move and again - thanks so much! Have a good day - Kellan

Shannon said...

I am in the "throw it out" camp. I learned to purge after my 57th time moving all of that miscelaneous junk. YOU DON"T NEED IT! Its a headache now and will continue to be a headache in your new house as you try to find a place for it all.

I'm off to do some reading!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Yeah to junk drawers..I go through mine and think..oh, I'll use that 5years later??!! I know I need to throw the stuff out but have other things I like to do...eat out, shop, talk on the phone, BLOG etc.. Hope you are having a good day...I will post the picture this week....man I'm short!!

Jaysi said...

Throw it out! Really....you don't need it and I promise you won't miss it!

Anti-Supermom said...

I vote for throwing it out too.

You CAN buy more, they do make more!

Anonymous said...

I vote to toss it. Off course I would have to spend the time sorting thru the junk first...making sure I don't throw away quality junk! Thanks for mentioning my blog as well - totally made my day. Good luck with the move...may EVERYTHING go smoothly.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Come back to us, Carissa! Come back. We miss you!

Seriously, update me on the house and the move. Hope things are going well.

Oh my heck! I was featured. And it didn't hurt or anything!